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About Me 

Vidhi Shastri, PT, MS, CFMT

I earned my Bachelor's degree in physical therapy in India in 2009. I worked in India for a year and decided to pursue my Masters in the United States. I studied exercise science and Kinesiology at California Baptist University, Riverside. CA and graduated in 2012. I worked in several out patient practices in the Upper east side and midtown since September 2012. During my clinical practice in NY I was introduced to Functional Manual Therapy - An integrated and artistic intervention which couples mechanical treatment of the joints, soft tissues, visceral and neurovascular systems with manual neuromuscular facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function. I am now a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT) since August 2018 through Institute of Physical Art. After my certification my continued curiosity to learn about the body and different systems towards self discovery and mastering my skills to treat patients holistically brought me to learn Visceral (organs) and Neural (nerves) manipulation through Barral Institute and Craniosacral Therapy through Upledger Institute since October 2018. 


My goal is to restore your functional efficiency, keep you healthy and committed to ensure your rehabilitation is effective, efficient and stress-free. Since I started practicing as a physical therapist in 2009, I have offered the highest standards of treatment and patient care and am committed to my clients health and long-term wellness. 


Contact me today to learn how my exceptional services can help make you feel like yourself once more.

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