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Severe Head Injury!

Case Study :

A 32-year-old male on active duty with the military was severely injured from a bomb blast. He was in his truck when the blast occurred and his body was thrown up towards the roof so the top of his head was severely injured and he fell unconscious. He was assessed by the medical staff and was put in a dark room for a week to help his healing process and recovery. They did scans for his brain but did not see any internal bleeds so he was told he was fine and was discharged and asked to resume his duty. He developed headaches after a week with a pain scale of 8/10. He tried every possible treatment including physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, and botox to help his headaches but no one connected his headaches to the head injury.

10 years after he left the military and joined the NYPD he came to see me. With in-depth subjective history, nervous system, and cranial assessment, I was able to diagnose that his headaches were related to his concussion due to the blast. He also presented with symptoms of neck and shoulder pain, difficulty falling asleep, light sensitivity, brain fog, and difficulty with concentration. With manual treatment of his cranial bones, meninges, and spinal dura, the patient started to feel relief in his symptoms. He started to regain his sleep and concentration back, his brain fog decreased, and was able to perform his tasks at work more efficiently. He started to sleep better and his headaches reduced to 2/10.

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